Forth & Clyde Canal Society

Forth & Clyde Canal Society

You can donate to the Forth & Clyde Canal Society direct from this page.

Forth and Clyde Canal Society was originally formed by volunteers when the canals were becoming derelict and closed due to lack of use. Through hard work, campaigning and fund raising by volunteers they were reopened and became the navigable Lowland Canals that we know and love. 

The Forth and Clyde Canal Society has three boats on the Forth and Clyde Canal which are used for charters, taking the public, young and old, on celebratory and educational trips. 

The volunteers are trained by Qualified Boat masters on a Wednesday evening and become crew members on charters and help with maintaining our boats and the canal bank. 

We also publish a magazine called Canal News and get involved in social events, Santa Cruises, History and Heritage and Canal Festivals. 

Anyone can join the Forth and Clyde Canal Society and join in all the activities. See our website or Facebook page for details.

Please donate here to The Forth & Clyde Canal Society ~ Thank you for your help.