Free Wheel North

Free Wheel North

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The White House at Lock 27 on the canal is a hub of activity for Free Wheel North. The bike workshop is always busy with the mechanic fixing bikes from people in the local community and has 2 volunteers trained up to assist with repairs.  Free Wheel North have a number of regular group rides which help people to become more confident and comfortable on their bikes. People return to cycling after many years of being off the bike, and FWN offer different levels of rides, such as a beginner, intermediate and even sometimes a skills session to suit the variety of riders. The rides take in different routes around the city, both on cycle paths and roads, which enables people to see how easily they can get to different areas of Glasgow on their bike. For those who are wary of the roads initially, this allows them to build their confidence, and knowledge on the road. Many who attend regularly notice a difference in their fitness and mental health. The welcoming nature of the group offers a relaxed social interaction for many, and can help reduce isolation for those who don’t have regular human interaction.  

Many people enjoy the rides so much that they start to ride more often, feel comfortable riding on their own or with other groups, and often go on to become more involved with the charity. Free Wheel North has a dedicated cycle track at Glasgow Green with a wide variety of disability bikes including trikes, hand cranks, go-karts, tandems and side by side bikes. 

We often take part in many event days where we take a selection of our adapted bikes into a community, allowing people with different abilities to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of cycling.  Not all bikes have 2 wheels, and we help those who are unable to ride 2wheel bikes to explore the wide variety of adapted bikes that exist. 

In 2020 we hope to get a café running at both of our sites. This will be a bit more difficult after the Covid19 Lockdown, but as a take away venue with social distancing measures in operation, we hope they will be valuable additions at both locations. They will help to bring people together again safely, after a time where people have been unable to enjoy café culture, cyclists and their families will be able to enjoy bikes and coffee once again. 

Please help us achieve our aims by donating to The Big Splash.   Your generousity will be appreciated by many.

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