Linlithgow Union Canal Society

Linlithgow Union Canal Society

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When Linlithgow Union Canal Society was founded in 1975, the canal basin's buildings were derelict, the canal blocked in numerous places and there were no boats.

Today, LUCS is a vibrant organisation with over 480 members, run entirely by volunteers.

The Societies aims remain the same as back in 1975 ...

"To promote, encourage and assist the restoration, maintenance and use of canals in Scotland as amenity, recreational and / or commercial waterways, and to do all things necessary to that end."

The Society has a fleet of 9 vessels operating out of Manse Road Basin where they also operate a tearoom, education hub, and Scotlands only Canal Museum.   

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on LUCS, who are regrettably unable to open again to the public until Spring of 2021.   This has had a dramatic effect on the finances of the Society, and one of the main reasons LUCS has joined The Big Splash campaign.

We hope you will support LUCS during this difficult period.   Your generosity will be appreciated by many, for years to come.