Lambhill Stables working in partnership with others to provide food parcels

Lambhill Stables working in partnership with others to provide food parcels

We start delivering food parcels about 2 weeks after we closed to the public back in a March, even though the majority of our staff have been working from home due to shielding etc we knew we still wanted to support our local community as much as possible with the staff that could still be there, and food parcel provision was an obvious way to do that.

In the background it’s been hard work ensuring funding to provide the food parcels long term, however through the partnership working with other local charities/organisations and with local housing associations we have achieved so much, not just with food provision but also identifying local people who have needed extra support from their housing associations with things like furnishings, financial support etc. 

We have also been able to provide activity packs for children, and a summer food and youth programme thanks to funders. 

Local businesses have also played a vital part in assisting the local community, bread donated from allied bakeries, food donated from NG Homes, donations from Asda Maryhill, these are just a few examples, it’s been amazing to see.

We have been delighted to be involved with The Big Splash Campaign which is raising funds for the Canal Charities Recovery Fund as many of these organisations also need help as we come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and they endeavor to open up again to provide their services to their communities.